Geeks about Genesis G90

Geeks about Genesis G90

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I liked the combination of healthy conservatism in design, high comfort and rich equipment in this car, and all this for a reasonable price. There are no air suspensions for you here, ordinary analog devices, everything is time-tested, and I hope such a car will last a long time. Anyway, the 4-year unlimited mileage warranty says a lot. Also, a decisive role in the choice was said by the fact that I work in a Korean company and it’s not for me to ride the “Germans”, and they have become unreliable. The 370-horsepower turbo engine confidently accelerates the 2-ton sedan and pulls well from the very bottom. True, he has a good appetite, in the city he can easily eat 18 – 20 liters per 100 km, on the highway in quiet mode, the consumption drops to 13 – 14 liters. Thanks to the all-wheel drive, the car is controlled reliably even on slippery roads. The suspension settings are almost perfect, except that the small joints of the asphalt pavement are transferred to the body, and it copes well with bumps. Even on a rough road, a heavy sedan floats like a ship, only swaying slightly. The brakes are quite effective. Not very practical only, in my opinion, that the front and rear tires are different sizes. Noise isolation is effective. Visibility is excellent, there are front and rear parking sensors and all-round cameras. Outwardly, the car looks solid, they respect it on the road, but there is no charisma in the guise, but nothing can be done about it, the brand is young. But the interior is excellent, one might even say in retro style, stylish analog
watch, natural materials. There are many interior design options to choose from. I have a classic combination, chairs upholstered in dark nappa leather, walnut inserts on the front panel and doors. The salon is bright and spacious. The chairs are very comfortable, ventilated front and rear, all equipped with heating and electric drives. A multimedia system with a large touch screen and navigation is installed, but at the same time, the usual buttons remain on the panel, which is very convenient. Climate control is 3-zone, there is also a separate multimedia system at the back. At the same time, this is only the second configuration and you do not have to pay extra for options. The overall impression of the Genesis G90, as a passenger airliner, where innovation is combined with time-tested technical solutions, and all the main functions are duplicated for reliability and convenience, is a sense of quality. In the cabin, the driver and rear row passengers can exist almost independently of each other, which is actually required from a luxury car. And the prestige of the brand is acquired, and I don’t really care.

07/12/2017 I liked the combination of healthy conservatism in design, high comfort and rich equipment in this car, and all this for a reasonable price. Building more

My review is dedicated to the Korean auto industry, namely the car produced in this country – the Genesis G90, which has a sedan body. True, the Koreans did not get such a car on the first attempt, but nevertheless, as a result, it turned out well, and there is a normal car. I purchased my version in November 2016 in the Elite configuration for 5 million rubles. Mileage to date is 3000 km. Outwardly, the car looks rather cumbersome, its sluggishness also manifests itself while driving – well, this “beast” does not give out 370 “horses”, a maximum of 300. But it keeps the road very confidently, it accelerates easily to 180 km / h on the highway, I eat easily. According to the interior design, I am completely satisfied with everything: both a sufficient amount of space and a comfortable arrangement of all buttons. The soundproofing is very pleasing – I have not seen such noise reduction from other Koreans, and in principle there are few brands in principle. The interior is finished with high quality materials, in particular I really like the wood panels. It is practical, eco-friendly and simply beautiful. I advise you to purchase, do not be afraid to buy Genesis, although in our country they are still treated with caution.

10/13/2017 My review is dedicated to the Korean auto industry, namely the car produced in this country – the Genesis G90, which has a sedan body. True, a similar car was obtained. more

I thought about it and decided to share my first impression of the restyled version of the new Genesis G90 sedan. Firstly, why exactly the Genesis, and not some S-class Mercedes or BMW 7 series. Yes, in general, everything is simple here: for the money that you spend on a new premium Hyundai, you, firstly, will not buy any premium Mercedes or BMW (Beha in the minimum price will cost 5.5 million, and Merce and all 7.7), and secondly, secondly, they will not offer the features and options that are presented in the Genesis. Yes, premium Hyundai is treated with caution, but I wanted to dispel the myth that people with personal drivers drive only German luxury cars for many reasons. So, 2 weeks ago, at the start of sales of the updated Sedan in Russia, I filed an application for a black G90 with a 3.3 liter engine for 370 horses. in the Prestige package. All this cost five million and a few kopecks. Here one could talk for a long time about what a powerful and reliable engine is under the hood, how well the box works with it, and so on, but it’s better to ask my driver about this. In turn, I will say that the rear sits well. Compared to the S-Class I’ve been using for a while, you get a similar ride feel. The rear right seat is the main thing that is inside the cabin of this car. Backrest adjustments, in the lower back and around the pelvis, seating level and other settings that remain in the memory of the seats create a real luxury inside an ordinary car. This rear
I would like to put the sofa at home. There is a lot of space, so if you wish, you can push the chair in front of you with the remote control and expand your own to take a nap. The car literally eats all the bumps in the road, so nothing will disturb your sleep. In total, the new Genesis is an absolutely ultimate solution for connoisseurs of comfort.

01/27/2019 I thought about it and decided to share my first impression of the restyled version of the new Genesis G90 sedan. Firstly, why exactly Genesis, and not some S-cla. more

Good day. Two months ago I bought myself a new 90th Genesis, I have already rolled over 5,000 km (I work as a sales representative) and I want to tell you about my impressions of this car. I bought an “Elite” package, a 3.3-liter engine, 370 horses. Took with automatic transmission, 8 steps, four-wheel drive. For the first two weeks, it seemed to me that this car was a sports class. Since up to 150-180 km / h, she quickly picked up speed. This is despite the fact that Genesis has a rather impressive size. But now I began to understand that she does not ride 370 horses (after a ride on a BMW), a maximum of 300. I really liked the suspension on the car. She easily drives through medium and small pits without even feeling it. And this is taking into account the fact that there is no pneuma in the car. On the road, the wheels sit confidently, I brake in time, overtake and other actions, there are no questions at all. Now I want to talk about the salon. Salon is good, soundproofing level. The engine is almost inaudible even at a speed of 150-180 km / h. It can be seen that high-quality and expensive materials were used in the design of the interior space. Nothing shakes, does not creak, everything is very pleasant to the touch. What’s wrong is the wood that upholstered the salon. I don’t really like its texture, and besides, there are no other lining options, and this is a fat minus in the manufacturer’s piggy bank. In general, the car is worth the money. Quite comfortable, feels confident on the road in all weather conditions, and
besides, she has a very good suspension.

05.02.2019 Good day. Two months ago I bought myself a new 90th Genesis, I have already rolled over 5,000 km (I work as a sales representative) and I want to tell you about. more

I ordered the representative Korean Genesis G90 long before it went on sale, presumably, among many who wanted it. When the peculiar but spectacular sedan fell into my hands, I felt a mixture of pleasure and disappointment – the imagination is usually richer than a sober look. Outwardly, the Hyundai Genesis G90 is unusual and interesting: the body of a large car is decorated with a large pentagonal grille, narrow LED headlights. The elegance of the long body is emphasized by massive rims with an unusual pattern. A strict silhouette is cut through by two bright stripes of parking lights. The large letters of the name – Genesis – personally seemed to me somewhat deliberate. But I’m probably wrong: most fans will want to see just such a catchy addition, and a prominent brand emblem on the hood would be enough for me. Inside, everything is stylish and classy finished, but not as conspicuous as the exterior. The combination of subtle chrome trim, contrasting leather tones and wood inserts with door trim and dashboard looks spectacular. The seats and backs of the chairs are beautifully quilted – this is not only a decorative accent, but also comfort. The panel seems to have become more convenient and concise, multimedia has been definitely updated and is good both in image quality on the display and in functional content. The organization of safety is also amazing – 10 airbags, a collision blocking system with a view of the oncoming lane, a function to keep the car in the lane and some other innovations. Part of the ride went out