Kia Stinger tips

Kia Stinger tips

I love rare cars, but at the same time I don’t like to overpay for a badge on the hood. This is probably why he chose the Kia Stinger. The car is definitely not pop, but for its level of equipment, handling and comfort, it costs adequate money. I won’t say it’s cheap. But there is also no feeling that I gave the loot for empty show-offs. Of course, I wanted a top-end V6, but with 370 mares. But guys, 3.3 million for Kia is still too much. Yes, and where is her, darling to walk with such and such a herd? Everywhere cameras, restrictions. And where there are no cameras, the roads are such that it is clearly not possible to cut through them on the Gran Turismo. In short, healthy cynicism took over, and I took a car with a 247-horsepower 2.0. The Luxe version cost 2.3 million – as they say, feel the difference. The stuffing here is very decent. Genuine leather, LED headlights. The seats, steering wheel and mirrors are heated, the driver’s electric drives in eight directions. There is multimedia, but the screen is not the largest – 7 inches. There is no projection display, but I also did not see the point in paying extra for it. The softest part of this car, of course, is handling. I read that it was tuned by a dude who previously worked at BMW, and you can feel it. Well done Koreans! If they don’t know how, invite someone who can. And it turns out cool. I am not a great test driver, so I can not describe the "sharpness of the steering wheel" and all sorts of "feedbacks" there. I’ll just say as a person who had to sit behind the wheel of a BMW: the car is controlled by fire! This is hardly anyone expected from Kia. Why did he write that this is a gran turismo? Well
It is clear that this is by relatively budgetary standards. Tea is not Panamera. But for long trips, the Stinger is really good. I had to heat for long distances – I went to relatives in Minsk. On the M1, the car steers cool. You just don’t notice the distance. Once – and arrived. This is what I mean by Gran Turismo. It was funny: I got caught by the Belarusian traffic cops, I exceeded 15 km / h by some there (yes, in Belarus this is considered an excess). They looked at the car for a long time, wondering what kind of animal it was. We were surprised that Kia. And they let me go, count, without a fine. On dalnyak appreciated and practicality. The trunk is large, and since the back door opens with glass, a lot of stuff can get in there. Although I can’t do without a fly in the ointment. Tell me, guys from Kia, what is the habit of making the front seats so low that the rear passengers have nowhere to put their feet? Well, I would like to have an electric tailgate in more affordable versions. It’s not such a luxury anymore that it starts with the expensive Prestige package.

08/13/2018 I love rare cars, but at the same time I do not like to overpay for a badge on the hood. This is probably why he chose the Kia Stinger. The car is definitely not pop music, but for your own. more

In my opinion, the Stinger is Kia’s first premium car. I compared it with both the Genesis and the “Germans”, it seems to me that it is no worse, and its appearance is even more interesting, while it costs like an ordinary business class sedan. I took a car from the first batch, then only all-wheel drive sedans were available, and I don’t regret it at all. The all-wheel drive system is optimally tuned, in most modes most of the traction is transferred to the rear wheels. Therefore, the handling is reckless, the feeling of the car behaves like a rear-wheel drive. At the same time, on a slippery road, the torque between the axles is already transmitted equally, which increases cornering stability. A very interesting combination, on the one hand, the car handles and accelerates almost like a sports car, and at the same time, all-wheel drive and a fairly large ground clearance allow you to feel confident on ordinary roads, including snowy ones. The suspension is stiff, but there is no particular discomfort when driving. I liked the fact that the car settings can be individually adjusted, I liked the combination when the engine and suspension are in Sport mode and the steering is in Comfort mode. In general, the steering here, regardless of the selected mode, is sharp and informative, from the extreme left to the extreme right position of the wheels there are only two turns. It’s good that it is allowed to fill in AI-92 gasoline, although I try to refuel only with 95th. The salon is impeccable, both in terms of ergonomics and the quality of finishing
materials. It is also convenient in the back row, only the ceiling is low. The luggage compartment is roomy, if you fold the backs of the rear seats, you can transport long items. Only one serious drawback was revealed, already after one sharp braking from a high speed, the brakes significantly lose their effectiveness.

05/19/2019 In my opinion, the Stinger is Kia’s first premium car. I compared it with both Genesis and the “Germans”, it seems to me that it is no worse, and its appearance is even int. more

I bought this model about a year ago. I was pleased with the four-wheel drive, automatic and 2-liter engine with quite inspiring characteristics. With this kiyashka, you can’t just sit down and relax behind the wheel, because it does not differ in softness and calmness. The speed is gained almost instantly, so the machine requires full concentration. But that’s just what a lot of people like. One of the advantages is that the speed during acceleration is not felt. Accelerates to 100 on the 98th gasoline in less than 7 seconds. Acceleration on the highway is very pleasing, the car accelerates very quickly from 100 to 160 km, and you can overtake and catch up. The serpentines pass with a bang, so there are no problems with cornering either. The car is sports, so it does not differ in particular practicality, so the review is not very good, and you have to sit reclining. Options GT-Line very pleased. There is a circular view with cameras around the perimeter, ventilation of the seats, which are additionally equipped with an adjustable roller on the lower back, control of the blind, projection on glass, wireless smartphone charging. This Kia model is not inferior to my second car BMW 630D GT 2017 in the maximum configuration, there are only a few of its nice features. If you evaluate in general, then the pleasure that you get from driving is a solid 5, and from the point of view of practicality – somewhere around 4. The price for a car of this class and status is quite affordable, so this parameter is also 5, the car justifies its money. There is a special style in Stinger,
which not everyone will like, but will certainly hook any connoisseur of quality cars. I advise everyone who wants to get high, but they don’t want or can’t go broke on the Nissan GT-R and Panamera.

05/27/2018 I bought this model about a year ago. I was pleased with the four-wheel drive, automatic and 2-liter engine with quite inspiring characteristics. With this kiyashka it is impossible. more

In general, there comes a moment when you remember the immortal words of Ostap Bender that a car is not a luxury, but a means of transportation invented in order to move comfortably, and not repeat the exploits of Adam Kozlevich from the same work. So – it was decided, it is necessary to purchase at least one, but a NEW car! We are looking for a sedan, station wagon of class D and above in a normal configuration, not vegetable dynamics, without CVTs and robots. It remains to combine financial capabilities and your own wishes for the level of equipment, comfort, dynamics and reliability. I can say that for a person who is used to driving a BU premium, the task is practically unsolvable and requires compromises. Since the budget is set at 2.5 million rubles, and everything that you like from the new ones costs from 3 and significantly higher. Oh, so I’ll have to buy a Camry, I thought, and went to watch a new generation of super advertised, popularly loved car …. And once again I was convinced – not mine, well, not mine at all – despite the more sporty appearance, driving performance remained unchanged – rather cotton pedals, gas, brakes, sofa-type chairs, soft hodovka, decent rolls – well, not a driver’s car in all respects. Dynamic characteristics of 7.7 seconds to hundreds on a 3.5l engine are not impressive at all, and 2.5 in my opinion is only for the city – it will be problematic to accelerate sharply along the highway for overtaking, but I drive a lot on the highway. As a passenger, it is pleasant to ride on such a car, but there is no particular desire to steer. The same
the imposing Infiniti M37, with all-wheel drive and 333 horses, produces a significantly more positive impression (I generally keep quiet about the quality and interior materials – with a run of 200 thousand, the condition of the cabin was at least 4. Oh, sadness, sadness – Merce E and BMW 5 series in more a less than normal configuration already costs from 3 million, I don’t consider Audi and Volkswagen at all after the sad experience of owning a 3-year-old A7. And then I stumble upon a photo of this “Maserati for the poor”, as one of the reviewers on YouTube put it. test drive to the dealer.Half an hour behind the wheel radically change my attitude towards the Korean auto industry – the test car steers very worthily, elastic suspension, tenacious brakes.It looks unusual, the interior is not annoying, the seats are comfortable.KIA’s reliability rating in recent years is where it is on the first line , where on the second, but at the top. Based on these considerations, the Stinger was purchased in the GT-line configuration. Having traveled almost 3000 km in 2 weeks, I can say zat – it seems that I was not mistaken in my choice. And if I have some questions about the design from a specialist from Audi, then the person from BMW who set up the engine-gearbox, suspension-brake connection simply has NO questions! The car steers like a BMW – I can’t compare my impressions with anything else. And I love BMW, and I consider it the best car for a driver. The Stinger has steering, brakes, cornering with virtually no roll, oddly enough a very energy-intensive suspension on 19 discs – and this car is for
driver, no options! Well, the Koreans give it – they kicked the Germans out of the World Cup, and soon they will kick them out of the leaders of the automotive industry! On the highway, the speed of 180-200 does not cause any discomfort (it feels like no more than 120), the car stands like a glove on the road. Dimanika … well, not a hurricane, for the "hurricane" it was necessary to take a pure GT version, but more than sufficient for active driving. There is a video where the author says that the Stinger “does not drive”, and there is no mention of the declared 6 seconds to a hundred, but at best 8 seconds, here I can honestly say that, probably, the Koreans got excited with six seconds, but at 98- m gasoline exactly less than 7 seconds. From the start, there is no frenzied undermining, like on a turbo Cayenne, but I really like acceleration in the highway mode – it turns out to accelerate from 100 to 160 km very quickly – so there are no problems at all with overtaking on the highway. The main thing is that the smart radar detector has time to warn about the camera. I am very pleased with the passage of turns, and there are enough serpentines in the region of Sevastopol and the South Coast. Let’s move on to the interior. All the goodies they could think of were stuffed into the GT-Line Version – there is blind spot monitoring, and all-round visibility with cameras around the perimeter, projection onto glass, wireless phone charging, seat ventilation, seats with a mini ottoman and adjustable lumbar cushion. You can list for a long time, it’s easier to write that I have the opportunity to use the 2017 BMW 630D GT in the maximum configuration almost at any time, and so, as a result of comparing the feature set in Beh, only
the ability to leave their garage without a driver, the ability not to crash (the bastard slows down itself, which is very scary), air suspension with adjustable clearance and stiffness, and tightening the doors. In terms of driving performance and dynamics, the cars are very similar, they are comparable in terms of the set of options in the cabin, but of course there is a difference in the level of “status” and the general feeling of the class of the car, and it’s stupid to hide it, so I don’t understand reviewers on the Internet comparing the BMW 6 GT, AUDI A7 and Stinger. I’ve driven all of the above, and I can say that the Stinger is the maximum driving pleasure, feature set and comfort that you can afford for 2.5 million. rubles when buying a car of this class in the salon. If it is possible to pay 4-5 million rubles for a new car, the Stinger option will not even be considered, but in its price category – today there is no better offer – this is in my opinion.

07/09/2018 In general, there comes a moment when you remember the immortal words of Ostap Bender that a car is not a luxury, but a means of transportation, invented in order to. more