Voxelab Aquilla 3D printer. Unpacking…

The closest competitor in terms of price (and actually in appearance) is Ender3. There is a place for each element. The hotend is also all assembled and the wiring is already connected to the board. Sent like last time quickly (despite the New Year holidays), the courier brought it in hand. After I tried the photopolymer 3D printer from Voxelab (it seems to be a sub-brand of FlashForge), I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of workmanship and assembly. All electronics are also connected and assembled. And then everything is laid out on the shelves. Fair, important) The sale price was too tempting not to take it. It does not have these tensioners, users print them themselves. Branded box, everything is standard. Apparently, the “big brother” in the form of FlashForge still affects. Well, let’s get started. The bottom of the printer is already pre-assembled. It is available on both the Y-Axis and the X-Axis. Table "own", for 24c. There are several connectors that need to be connected and that’s it. In principle, this is all standard for a normal manufacturer.

Voxelab Aquilla 3D printer. It’s convenient. As I understand it, they do it on their own relics, and do not buy "standard" components. Pleasant little things in the form of belt tensioners. The first thing that greets us is a piece of paper (not even a piece of paper, but a sticker) in A4 format with a warning that the first thing to do is to check the position of the switch on the power supply. Unpacking, disassembly-assembly, first impressions.

I gave a little more than 10 thousand rubles. I decided for the sake of interest to try their FDM printer.