Eachine EV100 video glasses – the first glasses of Eachine brand

— Lens blower Let’s print it out and see.

Hello, the new product from the brand "Eachine" has raised a lot of noise among fans of FPV flying. — Support AV input and output
Carefully worn microchip markings.
The antennas are the simplest, the so-called "sausages" in the people — 5.8Ghz whip antenna — 2 pcs.
Let’s take a look at what’s inside the glasses. But alas… I took apart the glasses, I found one video receiver, in this case, two antennas work in turn, switching one by one for a fraction of a second, that is, if one antenna is installed. and do not set the second one, the glasses will have a noticeable flickering of the black display. We look at the second box. 3.5 mm audio output for connecting headphones (if there is audio from the video transmitter) The glasses battery can be powered from the power bank. Pressing the button shows the battery charge level. On the right — manual. – battery li-po 7.4 V 1500 mA.
For disassembly, a Phillips screwdriver and a spatula or a wide flat screwdriver are useful. – Ratio: 4:3 (native) 16:9 adjustable

Okay, I collect points and start looking at the interface.
– Diagonal viewing angle 28 ° —Resolution: 720*540
—string for fixing the battery on the goggle strap. The connector on the antennas is RP-SMA (female) The weight of the video glasses is 172 grams with a battery of 230 grams.
– video glasses EV-100
As a result, we get in the delivery set EV 100 Of course, I have not yet seen the new firmware, but I think it will be. – Possibility of power supply from the power bank The box contains a 7.4 V 1000 mA li-po battery. As a result, the controller switches the two antennas and gives the signal received from both antennas to the receiver. I note that the first glasses from the brand «Eachine» EV100 at the beginning of sales were at a price of about $ 90 and now about $ 150 I think the price will decrease due to coupons and a new model of glasses of the same brand. — Built-in single 5.8Ghz 72h video receiver — 5.8Ghz whip antenna — 2 pcs. It’s time to consider the most important thing in this box – EV -100 video glasses Features: — Support external DVR module

—USB cable
In the box:
Lens blowing cooler. On the left side there are 3.5 mm audio jacks and MicroUSB https://jiji.co.tz/power-tools/dc.

On the glasses we see two plugs for installing antennas, I immediately thought that the glasses have two video receivers, that is, a Divercity block that selects the best signal from one or the other receiver.
The USB to microUSB cable is designed for charging the battery and firmware video glasses. —Adjustable focal length (adjustable for each eye separately) —Auto search for active signal
Lens cleaning cloth.
Parcel with long-awaited goods.
Favorite latches.

Eachine EV100 video glasses – the first glasses of Eachine brand

Unscrew the four screws from the bottom of the case.
We unscrew four more screws in order to remove the board. —USB cable —string for fixing the battery on the goggle strap. — a napkin for wiping lenses.
The battery can be charged via the USB connector. —Adjustable interpupillary distance: 58~64mm