Amazon Kindle 6″ E Ink Display 2GB, Wi-Fi, 6in – Silver

It turned out that on the Russian side they glued the Russian track RA …
Relatives under torture do not admit what they did with the book. Box: I immediately got on eBay and after a short search I came across the Kindle 4 e-book. Since there was no desire to spend another 5-6 thousand, it was decided to look at e-books in online stores. Internal flash capacity – 2 GB As a result, we decided to buy another e-book. My wife used the book constantly, and everything suited her. RU to her.
In my opinion, the book just fell and the screen broke, but the household says that the book was handled carefully. Screen size – 6" (15.24 cm) When I received it, I thought that the book was all broken.
The price of a screen with a work is 2/3 of the price of a new book. Supported formats – AZW, BMP, DOC, DOCX, GIF, HTML , JPEG, PDF, PRC natively, TXT, Unprotected MOBI Two years ago I bought an e-book for my wife in an offline store for 6200 rubles.
The seller no longer sells the book, but you can easily find it on eBay for a similar price. This is what happened to the old book. Screen resolution – 800×600 A sticker with a serial code for Amazon is glued on one side. But at one terrible moment the book broke.

Amazon Kindle 6" E Ink Display 2GB, Wi-Fi, 6in – Silver

I heard about this book out of the corner of my ear, so I went online to read the reviews. Type of parcel: Oddly enough, but the book was made in China (although it is sent from the USA). I called the workshop, they told me that the screen was to be replaced. I was already starting to get nervous, as they sent it quickly, but in Russia it never got off the hook. The package arrived in 40 days. Battery life of at least 730 hours I liked the reviews, so I ordered it almost immediately. But when I opened the package at the post office, I realized that the box from Amazon could withstand even less pleasant treatment.